The Keeper


What is THE KEEPER about?

The Keeper is a fly fishing story featuring an adventurous boy, his amusing and cross-eyed alaskan husky, and a fish who teaches him a lesson about the sanctity of life.

Who wants to read it?

The Keeper is suitable for all ages. Parents can read aloud to their children and also enjoy the book 9-13 year olds that like to read
Who is Tom Davis?

Tom resides in Teton Valley Idaho with his wife, Elisa, who did the illustration. He enjoys fly fishing, hunting, floating rivers, reading, and good conversation. He once had a beloved husky dog similar to the one he describes in the book.



National Museum of Wildlife Art gave “The Keeper” two thumbs up after reading the book to a group of children visiting the Gallery.

Bill Long from the Wyoming Fish and Game highly recommends “The Keeper”. Trumpeter Swan Association says it is very entertaining for all ages.


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